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I am a trainee editor in Hamburg, usually to be found with my nose stuck in a book. I have always considered myself bookish, but in recent years my literary consumption has continuously increased and now I am starting to notice books blurring into one. So I decided to start this blog in order to organise my thoughts and make myself write about the works I have read. This is a place for book reviews and reading recommendations.

There is no particular genre I stick to - I read fiction and non-fiction, adore novels from different periods, enjoy poetry and am interested in philosophy - whatever I can get my hands on, really, in English, German and Italian.

Being not only an avid reader, but also a passionate book collector, I have accumulated quite a number of books that I just never get around to read. To work my way through those endless TBR-piles, I have set myself the rule only to buy a new book once I finished at least three of the ones I already have... it's not going well.

Welcome to this journey through my bookshelf!


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