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Justice in a Changing World by Cécile Fabre

Justice in a Changing World is an introduction to the philosophical debate surrounding the question of global justice - what do we owe to others, and to whom exactly do we owe it?

Fabre asks pressing moral questions on the topics of obligations towards future generations, multiculturalism, national self-determination, global distributive justice, immigration and, finally, reparative justice. What can and ought to happen if an injustice has been committed?

Rather than proposing her own theories regarding those issues, the author investigates each topic from the point of view of three different schools of thought: egalitarian liberalism (no one should be disadvantaged due to morally arbitrary factors they have no control over), communitarianism (which places an emphasis on the relation between an individual and a community, stating that justice is constituted by a shared way of life), and libertarianism (claiming that individuals have property rights and unalienable rights of self-ownership, highlighting autonomy and individuality). Through her accessible explanations, Fabre offers a deeper insight not only into the moral issues themselves, but into philosophy as a discipline, as well. This makes the book a useful source for students of ethics, political theory, and anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of global and distributive justice.

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